A key finding from the Big Five research on the workplace is that people prefer and best succeed in tasks and circumstances that fit their Big Five profiles. We accomplish more in teams and organizations that know how to take into account and benefit from different personalities.

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ , based on modern personality research, is an efficient personality and team profiling tool. A growing number of organizations around the world have deployed it.

WorkPlace Big Five is an excellent tool for developing teams, assessing management skills, career planning, defining recruitment needs and streamlining the effects of coaching.


Do you want to

  • increase your self-knowledge?
  • develop the performance of a team or management team?
  • optimize the way you build teams and management teams by utilizing the strengths of different personalities?
  • develop management?
  • make career or development plans for personnel?
  • make justifiable recruitment decisions?
  • ensure employees are doing the job they are best suited for?
  • strengthen the team skills in the workplace?
  • help resolve conflicts in the workplace?



WorkPlace Big Five is customized to suit the needs of the workplace, it’s reliable and easy to use

  • Versatile tool for profiling people and teams; 360° assessment available as well.
  • Based on an extensively studied, reliable personality model.
  • The questionnaire is short, focuses on the essentials and is quick to fill in (10–20 minutes).
  • Written in clear and concrete language used in the workplace, which makes it extremely easy for the user to understand.
  • You will have in-depth and detailed results quickly.
  • Several language versions available.
  • Several norm groups available.
  • Pragmatic—gives clear guidelines on the best ways to work with different personalities.

Big Five: five areas of personality

The Big Five model of personality is a modern, extensively studied and reliable personality model. It has been widely accepted as the “standard” of personality research, and it is also often used as the basis when evaluating the validity of other personality assessment tools. That is why the Big Five Model is sometimes called “the mother of all personality assessment tools”.

The Big Five model divides personality in five areas (Supertraits). Based on these traits, we can describe a person’s behavior. The WorkPlace Big Five Supertraits are:

  • Need for stability (N)
  • Extraversion (E)
  • Originality (O)
  • Accommodation (A)
  • Consolidation (C)

In addition, WorkPlace Big Five looks at personality through 23 subtraits.


Different studies show that characteristics related to emotional intelligence account for 27–45% of success. We also know that the emotional intelligence aspect, according to some studies, explains 75% of leadership failures. The reason for customer loss lies in the area of emotional intelligence in 70% of cases.

EQ-i 2.0®

Emotional intelligence is a very strong predictor of individual performance, efficiency and well-being. Emotional intelligence is not a static factor – to the contrary, one’s emotional intelligence changes over time and can be developed in targeted areas. Emotional intelligence can be measured with the scientifically tested Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0®. The EQ-i 2.0 is used in more than 60 countries, and companies such as Google, GE and Intel use it in their recruitment and development programs.

Read more!


You can benefit from using Emotional Quotient Inventory in:

  • Leadership Development
  • Selection (together with personality profiling)
  • Organizational Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Building






We are a project organization where people work in teams and in several different locations. In this kind of work community, change is continuous and the work requires a great deal of self-management. We want to give our directors and managers a tool that helps them recognize their strengths and areas needing development and helps them understand different personalities. WorkPlace Big Five also provides us a common language for discussing leadership and management work.

photoSari Ek-Petroff
Manager, HRD, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd


WorkPlace Big Five is by far the best assessment method that I have used thus far. It’s clear and compact, covering aptly the key areas of a person’s work personality. It is an extremely useful tool in various contexts, such as recruitment assessments, management team development and coaching.

photoErkki Levä
Lead Psychologist, Arespartners


We started to use WorkPlace Big Five in our management programs because we felt that managers should know themselves to be able to successfully lead others. In order to develop a company, you need to start at the level of personal development. I have investigated several different tools, and because of its solid research basis, WorkPlace Big Five is a reliable tool for gaining self-knowledge.

photoAnu Henttonen
Head of HRD, Finnair Plc


I utilize the WorkPlace Big Five tool for management team development and individual executive coaching, and I’ve found it extremely useful. The tool helps to find a personal and efficient management style and creates a powerful opportunity to benefit from the differences in various groups. With this tool, it’s easy to make visible the potential and the problems in a group’s way of thinking and working. In conflict situations, WorkPlace Big Five increases the understanding of different parties’ way of working—WPB5 provides the keys to learning new collaboration models.

photoJarmo Manner
CEO coach


It is of utmost importance for our customers as well as for us that the tools we use are of top quality and based on studied facts. WorkPlace Big Five provides new information also for managers who’ve seen it all. The results are thorough, they describe people accurately and are easy to understand. It’s easy to utilize the information for leading yourself and others. We recommend WorkPlace Big Five as part of all our management development projects.

photoChristina Dahlblom
CEO, Miltton Sparks Ltd


At Terveystalo, we aim at measurable effectiveness in all our customer work. We use WorkPlace Big Five as a development tool because of its strong scientific basis and because, based on this method, we can make concrete development plans. Our work psychologists use the WorkPlace Big Five tool to promote health and welfare among individuals and work communities. WorkPlace Big Five profiling is also an integral part of the management training we offer our customers.

photoAntti Aro
Chief psychologist, occupational health, Terveystalo


Services / Get certified

To gain the most comprehensive understanding, we warmly recommend a cost-effective super certification (including both the WorkPlace Big Five and the EQ-i 2.0 certification). Please contact us for more details »

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™

  • After Workplace Nordic’s two-day certification course, you are authorized to use the profiling tool independently.
  • As part of the certification, you will get to know your own Big Five profile and you can deepen your self-knowledge.
  • You will also learn interesting and useful facts about human personality.
  • The certification includes profiling exercises with the help of the trainers and user support also after the training.
  • After the certification, you will be a part of the rapidly growing WorkPlace Big Five user network.
  • No license or other fixed fees.
  • The certification course is well suited for HR personnel, consultants, coaches, and for all who work within developing people/organizations.

EQ-i 2.0®

  • After Workplace Nordic’s 1,5-day certification course, you are authorized to use the EQ-i 2.0 tool independently.
  • In the certification training, you will learn about the EQ-i 2.0 emotional intelligence model, which organizations worldwide have used for nearly 20 years and which is now going to be standardized for Finland too.
  • As part of the certification, you will get your own EQ measured and tips for developing your own emotional intelligence.
  • The certification includes emotional intelligence measuring exercises with the help of the trainers and user support also after the training.
  • After the certification, you will be a part of the rapidly growing EQ-i 2.0 user network.
  • No license or other fixed fees.
  • The certification course is well suited for HR personnel, consultants, coaches, and for all who work within developing people/organizations.

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Also our team is comprised of various Big Five profiles. If you have any questions about Big Five, please contact us—we’re happy to help you!

Hilkka-Maija KatajistoHilkka-Maija Katajisto
Partner, WorkPlace Big Five Master Trainer
Phone +358 400 173 924

Hilkka-Maija, who’s not easily intimidated, handles all kinds of situations with logic, trusting her fellow human beings...Read more »

Jarkko RantanenJarkko Rantanen
Partner, WorkPlace Big Five Master Trainer
Phone +358 50 528 4808

Characteristic of Jarkko is a broad interest in all things new...Read more »

Liisa YrjöläLiisa Yrjölä
Sales and marketing coordinator
Phone +358 45 1024 668

Liisa is calm, confident and stable. She usually has her feet on the ground and she looks at everything “here and now”...Read more »


Hilkka-Maija KatajistoHilkka-Maija Katajisto
partner, WorkPlace Big Five Master Trainer

Hilkka-Maija, who’s not easily intimidated, handles all kinds of situations with logic, trusting her fellow human beings. She expresses her views skillfully, without hesitation and in a constructive manner, trying to find a good solution for all. She often has a lot on her plate and she doesn’t shy away from any challenge.

Hilkka-Maija has worked in management development as an executive coach and facilitator for management teams, and she has also acted as a member of management teams in international companies. During her career, she has worked for example as a human resources director, executive search consultant and change management coach.

Jarkko RantanenJarkko Rantanen
partner, WorkPlace Big Five Master Trainer

Characteristic of Jarkko is a broad interest in all things new. He is an enthusiastic innovator and developer of ideas, and his way of working is flexible and active. Jarkko aims at creating harmonious, genuine and open collaboration with colleagues as well as with customers.

Jarkko is a psychologist, coach and nonfiction writer, specialized in emotion skills and personality issues in the workplace. During his career, he has worked as a work psychologist, recruitment consultant, HR manager and facilitator for management teams.

Liisa YrjöläLiisa Yrjölä
Sales and marketing coordinator

Liisa is calm, confident and stable. She usually has her feet on the ground and she looks at everything “here and now”. Liisa’s approach to work is pragmatic, tactical, orderly and efficient. She has a strong drive to achieve. In cooperative contexts, Liisa intuitively looks for alternatives that benefit all parties.

Liisa has previously held various positions in sales and marketing as well as in training coordination both in Finland and internationally (in Singapore and Dubai).

Workplace Nordic

Workplace Nordic promotes, develops and supports the use of carefully selected, world-class assessment tools for individuals and teams in Northern Europe. Workplace Nordic offers organizations certification training for example on the tools we represent. Our clients include companies, consultants and coaches, who use the tools for example for developing management teams and other teams, for leadership development programs, career planning and recruitment.


Hilkka-Maija Katajisto
Phone +358 400 173 924

Jarkko Rantanen
Phone +358 50 528 4808

Liisa Yrjölä
Phone +358 45 1024 668

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